David Picker


  • Bad manners
  • Bad driving
  • Bad timekeeping
  • A bad round of golf

David Picker

Managing Director & Independent Financial Planner

0115 969 3400


David has over 40 years’ experience in financial services and founded C Alexander back in 1987.

He is our Managing Director, as well as being an Independent Financial Planner, specialising in working with people who have accumulated wealth as well as professional footballers.

David is an Associate of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) and truly believes in the benefits financial planning has brought to his clients. Perhaps helping them retire early or preparing for a life after their football career has ended. As well as helping pass down their accumulated wealth to younger generations.

Rest & Play

David is still as enthusiastic about the business as he was in 1987. However, away from the office he enjoys spending time with his family, especially his young grandchildren, playing golf and watching football.

Last but not least

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorises and regulates financial advisers in the UK. You can confirm an adviser is suitably authorised by checking their page on the FCA Register. Consumers should be wary of people claiming to be a financial adviser, or regulated individual, who don’t appear on the register.

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Furthermore, every financial adviser must hold a valid Statement of Professional Standing (SPS) which shows they have undertaken the required amount of relevant Continuous Professional Development (CPD) each year.

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